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Credit: Read, Sav, Read.

This was a book that I didn’t really know much about going into but wanted to read because I heard it was being adapted for the big screen. After I finished Everything, Everything, I felt it so refreshing to be thinking, “This book is going to have a predictable ending. This has been done before,” and then completely have that turned around. I loved our main character’s characterization. I loved the language and literary references. I really loved the plot twist! I enjoyed the diversity that came with our half Japanese, half African American female protagonist. As a book worm, I was immediately taken with fictional fellow book worm, Maddy. There was a lot that I liked about this book but at the same time, there was still the nearly always present contemporary young adult fiction norms that came with it. I always find it odd that teenagers in fiction meet, fall in love, and expect to be together forever right from the get go. I know that that is a typical teenage mindset and, in this book, that wasn’t all there was to it, but I think that there are other versions of young adult relationships, both complicated and not, that also ought to be told. This progression of a relationship was one of the only elements of Maddy’s story that didn’t feel very unique. Overall, this was a quick and fun read. I lent this book out to others after I finished it and continue to recommend it to those who are into young adult fiction.

You can purchase Everything, Everything here.

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